In this tutorial, we will see a simple tweak that will improve the performance of your wireless connection. The tip consists of disabling the power management for your current wireless device which will help improve WiFi Reception.

You can use this tweak under Ubuntu 16.10/16.04 and Linux Mint 18 or older.

Getting Started

While your wireless connection is enabled, check whether power management for your device is enabled or not using this command:


For my example, it is turned on.  If it's off, then nothing to do, just leave it as it is. If it's on, then disable it as follows:

Open the terminal and install first this package:

 sudo apt-get install gksu

Edit now this file:

 gksudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf

The file contains these lines:

wifi.powersave = 3

Change 3 to 2, save the file and close. Make a system reboot, then check if power management is off using the command given above.

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