Tor Browser 5.0.3 for GNU/Linux  has been released recently which brings updates to Firefox and Torbutton. It also fixes some bugs found in the old release of the software.

  • Update Firefox to 38.3.0esr
  • Update Torbutton to
  • Translation updates
Bug Fixes:
  • Bug 16887: Update intl.accept_languages value
  • Bug 15493: Update circuit display on new circuit info
  • Bug 16797: brandShorterName is missing from brand.properties
  • Bug 14429: Make sure the automatic resizing is disabled
We have updated our PPA so that you can easily install the latest version of Tor Browser on Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Tor Browser Bundle 5.0.3 PPA Installation

To install Tor Browser Bundle 5.0.3 from PPA on Ubuntu or Linux Mint, run the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:upubuntu-com/tor-bundle 
sudo apt-get update 
sudo apt-get install tor-browser

Start Tor Browser via the Unity dash:

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