If you are tired of the long manual steps for installing WordPress on Ubuntu/Linux Mint, you can instead made it easy using a tiny bash script that will automatically download and install the latest version of WordPress in any place of your choice.

Here are the steps that this script will do during the installation:
  • Create new database
  • Download wordpress
  • Modify wp-config.php
  • Set permissions
  • Create .htaccess file
  • Create robots.txt file
  • Download some plugins
You can use this bash script to install WordPress on the following Ubuntu/Linux Mint version:
  • Ubuntu 15.04/14.10/14.04 or older
  • Linux Mint 17.2 or older
Preparing Your System

To install and run WordPress on your system, you need first to install a web server. I recommend you to install the LAMP web server. It can be installed using this command:

sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

Check the LAMP Server installation guide here.

Installing WordPress

To use this bash scrip for installing WordPress, open the terminal under Ubuntu or Linux mint and run this sequence of commands:

sudo service apache2 restart 
sudo service mysql restart 
cd /var/www/html 
sudo wget https://goo.gl/MndEJc --no-check-certificate -O wp-install.sh 
sudo bash wp-install.sh

Then follow setup instructions. The script will create new MySQL database name and user, then it will download the latest version of WordPress. When it finishes, open your web browser at this address if you are installing locally:


Replace with your own IP address if installing on a remote server.

In the page that will show up, enter your admin details and hit "Install WordPress" button to finish the installation:

If everything is alright, you can access your admin area to start managing your own WordPress blog:

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