If you find difficulties installing the OpenVPN Server manually under Ubuntu or Linux Mint, you can instead use a bash script created by Nyr that will install OpenVPN automatically  on your computer with just a few terminal commands.

The bash script supports the following distributions:
  • Ubuntu 15.04/14.04 or older
  • Linux Mint 17.2 or older
OpenVPN Server Setup

Open the terminal and run these commands to install OpenVPN:

wget git.io/vpn --no-check-certificate -O openvpn-setup.sh 
sudo bash openvpn-setup.sh

Then follow setup instructions. At the end of the installation, you can add more clients, add a cert for a user, or removing OpenVPN by running the script again :

Looks like OpenVPN is already installed
What do you want to do?
   1) Add a cert for a new user
   2) Revoke existing user cert
   3) Remove OpenVPN
   4) Exit

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