Linux Kernel 4.0 in its stable release has been made available for download today for Ubuntu users. As usual, we will see in this tutorial how to upgrade to this new kernel using a simple bash script as shown below.

Here are some features in this new release:
  • Live Patching (update the kernel package without rebooting)
  • Intel Quark SoC x86 platform support
  • Full IBM z13 support
  • DisplayPort audio support for AMD Radeon drivers
  • Intel Skylake support for Intel DRM drivers
  • GK20A re-clocking support for Nouveau DRM drivers
  • RAID 5/6 improvements for Btrfs
  • Fixes to the F2FS file-system
  • VirtIO 1.0
 Linux Kernel 4.0 Installation

To install Linux kernel 4.0 On Ubuntu or Linux Mint, run these commands:

cd /tmp 
wget http://tinyurl.com/o29bwze -O kernel-4.0 
chmod +x kernel-4.0 
sudo sh kernel-4.0 
sudo reboot

Linux Kernel 4.0 Removal (Optional)

To uninstall kernel 4.0 and revert back to old kernel, run these commands:

sudo apt-get purge linux.image-4.0.0-* 
sudo update-grub

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