Linux kernel 3.19.0 codenamed "Diseased Newt" has been released recently. In this tutorial we will see how to install this kernel under Ubuntu/Linux Mint. But first here are some new features in this stable release:

Initial hardware enablement for Intel's next-generation Skylake graphics
DPM fan control support (Radeon Driver) 
Adding support for the NVIDIA GeForce 900 series 
Btrfs RAID 5 / RAID 6 improvements at long last 
LZ4 compression in SquashFS 
Improved multi-touch support 
Reworked ThinkPad muting button changes

  Linux Kernel 3.19 Installation

To install Linux kernel 3.19.0 On Ubuntu or Linux Mint, run these commands:

cd /tmp 
wget http://tinyurl.com/pwggrke -O kernel-3.19.0 
chmod +x kernel-3.19.0 
sudo sh kernel-3.19.0 
sudo reboot


For low latency platforms, install kernel 3.19.0 using the following commands:

sudo apt-get install php5-cli 
cd /tmp 
wget http://goo.gl/RBA9lG -O low-latency-kernel 
chmod +x low-latency-kernel 
sudo ./low-latency-kernel

From the list that will show up, type "3.19" as kernel version and press Enter. At the end of the installation, run this command:

sudo reboot


Linux Kernel 3.19 Removal

To uninstall kernel 3.19 and revert back to old kernel, run these commands:

sudo apt-get purge linux.image-3.19.0-* sudo update-grub

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