Fixes in Kernel 3.13.6:
  •     drm/radeon: fix audio disable on dce6+
  •     drm/radeon: fix CP semaphores on CIK
  •     PM / hibernate: Fix restore hang in freeze_processes()
  •     i7300_edac: Fix device reference count
  •     ARM64: unwind: Fix PC calculation
  •     i7core_edac: Fix PCI device reference count
  •     ACPI / PCI: Fix memory leak in acpi_pci_irq_enable()
  •     ipv4: fix counter in_slow_tot
  •     ARM: 7950/1: mm: Fix stage-2 device memory attributes
  •     ext4: fix xfstest generic/299 block validity failures
   Linux Kernel 3.13.5 Installation

To install Kernel 3.13.6 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint, run these commands:

    cd /tmp 
    wget http://goo.gl/2WdAa4 -O kernel-3.13.6 
    chmod +x kernel-3.13.6 
    sudo sh kernel-3.13.6 
    sudo reboot

To uninstall kernel 3.13.6, run these commands:

    sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.6* 
    sudo update-grub

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