Linux Kernel 3.13 in its stable release has been made available recently which brings several updates and graphics improvements, especially for users of Radeon HD 7000 series GPUs (RadeonSI users) and the Gallium3D Linux graphics driver. For detailed features in this kernel, go here.

In this tutorial, we will see as usual how to upgrade to kernel 3.13 using a simple bash script under Ubuntu/Linux Mint.

Linux Kernel 3.13 Installation

Open the terminal and enter these commands:

cd /tmp 
wget http://goo.gl/x4JYAz -O kernel-3.13 
chmod +x kernel-3.13 
sudo sh kernel-3.13 
sudo reboot

To uninstall kernel 3.13, run this command:

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0* 
sudo update-grub

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