In this tutorial, we will see how to install XAMPP for Linux 1.8.3 with support of PHP 5.5 under the following distros:

  • Ubuntu 13.10 - Ubuntu 13.04 - Ubuntu 12.10 - Ubuntu 12.04 or older
  • Linux Mint 16 - Linux Mint 15 - Linux Mint 14 or older
  • Any other Linux-based distributions.

XAMPP is simply an Apache web server that includes PHP, MySQL and Perl. The latest version has these new features:

  • Apache 2.4.7
  • MySQL 5.6.14
  • PHP 5.5.6
  • PEAR + SQLite 2.8.17/3.7.17 + multibyte (mbstring) support
  • Perl 5.16.3
  • ProFTPD 1.3.4c
  • phpMyAdmin 4.0.9
  •  OpenSSL 1.0.1e
  • GD 2.0.35
  • Freetype2 2.4.8

XAMPP 1.8.3 Installation

   A. XAMPP 1.8.3 For i386 Architectures

Open the terminal and run the following commands:

cd /tmp 
wget http://goo.gl/CAXLhV -O xampp-installer-i386.run 
chmod +x xampp-installer-i386.run 
sudo ./xampp-installer-i386.run

    B. XAMPP 1.8.3 For amd64 Architectures

Run these commands:

cd /tmp 
wget http://goo.gl/v9ZL8o -O xampp-installer-amd64.run 
chmod +x xampp-installer-amd64.run 
 sudo ./xampp-installer-amd64.run

Then follow the setup wizard:

C. Running XAMPP

If you want to start XAMPP via the terminal , enter this command:

sudo  /opt/lampp/lampp start

Or simply use the GUI to start/stop the web server:

To check if the web server is running, open this address:


If well installed, this page will show up:

For more details about configuring and securing XAMPP, please visit this page.

XAMPP 1.8.3 Removal

To uninstall it from your system, issue this command:

 sudo rm -rf /opt/lampp

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