Hardinfo is a useful graphical tool for system information and benchmarking that can run under Ubuntu/Linux Mint and all its derivatives. The software offers accurate information about your hardware and operating system with the possibility to perform benchmarks.

With Hardinfo, you may get these features:

  • System Information (CPU, Memory, OS, PCI Devices, USB Devices, Printers, Notebook Battery, etc)
  • Hardware Benchmarks
  • Export / Import Benchmark Results (HTML or TXT Reports)
  • Network Monitor
  • Network Scanner 
  • Network Traffic Analyzer
  • Freeware, etc.

Hardinfo Installation

Hardinfo can be easily installed under Ubuntu 13.10 or older with this command from the terminal:

sudo apt-get install hardinfo

Then use the Dash to start it.

If you are interested in more system information software, you may visit this page:

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