Linux Kernel 3.10.7  Fixes:

  •     drm/radeon: fix halting UVD
  •     drm/i915: fix up gt init sequence fallout
  •     ALSA: 6fire: fix DMA issues with URB transfer_buffer usage
  •     cpufreq: loongson2: fix regression related to clock management
  •     staging: zcache: fix "zcache=" kernel parameter
  •     ext4: fix retry handling in ext4_ext_truncate()
Full changelog can be reviewed here.

Kernel 3.10.7 Installation

To install Linux Kernel 3.10.7 in Ubuntu/Linux Mint, run the following commands:

cd /tmp 
wget -O kernel-3.10.7 
chmod +x kernel-3.10.7 
sudo sh kernel-3.10.7 
sudo reboot

To remove kernel 3.10.7 and enable the previous kernel, enter this command:

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.10.7*