Linux Kernel 3.9.3 has been released recently bringing more updates and bug fixes. As usual, we will see how to install it under Ubuntu/Linux Mint using a simple a bash script, but if you want to install it manually, go here.

Some changes in Kernel 3.9.3:

  •     iscsi-target: Fix processing of OOO commands
  •     cpufreq / intel_pstate: fix ffmpeg regression
  •     ARM: EXYNOS5: Fix kernel dump in AFTR idle mode
  •     mwifiex: fix setting of multicast filter
  •     SCSI: sd: fix array cache flushing bug causing performance problems
  •     xen/vcpu/pvhvm: Fix vcpu hotplugging hanging
  •     ALSA: hda - Fix 3.9 regression of EAPD init on Conexant codecs
  •     ALSA: HDA: Fix Oops caused by dereference NULL pointer
Linux 3.9.3 Installation

Open the terminal and run these commands at your own risk:

cd /tmp 
wget -O kernel-3.9.3 
chmod +x kernel-3.9.3 
sudo sh kernel-3.9.3 
sudo reboot

Linux 3.9.3 Removal

Enter this command:

    sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.9.3*