Linux Kernel 3.9.2 is the second maintenance release for the Kernel 3.9 series that has been made available recently. Here are some changes in this latest release taken from the changelog of Linux 3.9.2:

  •     drm/gma500: fix backlight hotkeys behaviour on netbooks
  •     PCI: Delay final fixups until resources are assigned
  •     Btrfs: fix extent logging with O_DIRECT into prealloc
  •     NFSv4.x: Fix handling of partially delegated locks
  •     drm/radeon: fix handling of v6 power tables
  •     drm/i915: Fixup Oops in the pipe config computation
  •     RDMA/cxgb4: Fix SQ allocation when on-chip SQ is disabled
  •     perf/x86/intel: Fix unintended variable name reuse
Linux Kernel 3.9.2  Installation

To install this new kernel in Ubuntu/Linux Mint, open the terminal and enter these commands:

cd /tmp 
wget -O kernel-3.9.2 
chmod +x kernel-3.9.2 
sudo sh kernel-3.9.2 
sudo reboot

To uninstall kernel 3.9.2 from your system and revert back to the previous one, run this command:

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.9.2*