Linux Kernel 3.7.3 has just been released which is the third maintenance release of kernel 3.7 series. This new release brings various bug fixes especially for Radeon graphics cards and it also fixes flickering with some high-res monitors. In this guide, we will see how to install/upgrade to this new kernel using a simple bash script as described below.

Here are some of the changes and fixes in kernel 3.7.3 taken from the changelog:

  • drm/radeon: fix amd afusion gpu setup aka sumo v2
  • drm/radeon: fix eDP clk and lane setup for scaled modes
  • Fixes flickering with some high res montiors
  • KVM: PPC: 44x: fix DCR read/write
  • KVM: Fix user memslot overlap check
  • iwlwifi: fix PCIe interrupt handle return value
  • iwlwifi: fix the reclaimed packet tracking upon flush queue
  • ALSA: pxa27x: fix ac97 warm reset
  • video: mxsfb: fix crash when unblanking the display
  • cpuidle / coupled: fix ready counter decrement
  • sony-laptop: fix SNC buffer calls when SN06 returns Integers
  • EDAC: Fix kernel panic on module unloading
  • drm/i915: fix OOPS in lid_notify
  • Add device quirk for Microsoft Lifecam VX700 v2.0 webcams.
  •     Fixes squeaking noise of the microphone.
  • drm/nouveau/clock: fix support for more than 2 monitors on nve0
  • b43: Fix firmware loading when driver is built into the kernel
  • staging: zram: fix invalid memory references during disk write
  • ext4: fix extent tree corruption caused by hole punch

You can install this kernel in the following Ubuntu/Linux Mint distributions:

  • Ubuntu 12.10/12.04/11.10 or older
  • Linux Mint 14/13/12 or older
 Linux Kernel 3.7.3 Installation

Enter these commands at your own risk to install Linux kernel 3.7.3:

cd /tmp 
wget -O kernel-3.7.3 
chmod +x kernel-3.7.3 
sudo sh kernel-3.7.3 
sudo reboot

If you have encountered a problem installing this kernel with the Nvidia graphics card, press CTRL+ALt+F2 and enter these commands:

cd /usr/src/linux-headers-3.7-030703/arch/x86/include 
sudo cp -v generated/asm/unistd* ./asm

Then re-install the Nvidia driver with this command:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current

You may also need this guide in case of unexpected kernel upgrade troubles.

Linux kernel 3.7.3 Removal

To remove kernel 3.7.3 from your system and enable the old kernel, run this command:

sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.7.3*