Unity Technologies has announced recently via its website the official availability of the Unity 4.0 game engine that has known a series of improvements compared to previous versions. Canonical has also stated that the Unity game engine will allow developers to publish their projects to Ubuntu via Ubuntu Software Center, which will be surely interesting and exciting for the Ubuntu community.

Here are some of the new features in this latest release:

Mecanim, the new animation system to animate any character or object 
Real-time shadows for all platforms 
DirectX 11 rendering 
Shuriken particle system updated with world collision functionality 
Adobe Flash and Linux as two new platforms 
Cross-platform dynamic fonts

Unity 4.0 is not free and costs $1500, but can be evaluated for 30 days from this page for Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

This move will surely bring more game developers that will create many good games running on our Ubuntu/Linux computers.

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