In this tutorial, we will help you install Conky HTC Home in Ubuntu/Linux Mint systems. This conky desklet will display on your desktop weather, clock, high/low temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. This conky script is simply a clone of the original HTC Home for smartphones.

Conky HTC Home Installation

Under Ubuntu 12.10/12.04/Linux Mint 13, install Conky with this command:

sudo apt-get install conky-all unrar rar

Now set up the widget with this sequence of commands:

mkdir -p ~/.Conky 
mkdir -p ~/.fonts 
cd /tmp 
wget -c http://goo.gl/qyjyH -O conky-htc-home.rar 
unrar x conky-htc-home.rar 
cd Conky*HTC*Home 
cp -r fonts/* ~/.fonts 
cp -r .Conky ~/

Before starting the widget, let's now add the code of your city to the accuw_script file. To do this, click here and search for your city, then copy the URL from the address bar. Next, run this command from the terminal:

gedit ~/.Conky/htc_home/accuweather/accuw_script

In this file, replace the default url with your own as found in the AccuWeather website:

Save your file and exit. You can test now the widget with this command:

sh ~/.Conky/htc_home/start_conky.sh

By default, this widget will be displayed in the top right corner of your screen:

If you want, for example, to display it in the center of your screen, edit the conkyrc file with this command:

gedit ~/.Conky/htc_home/conkyrc

Replace in this file:

alignment top_right


alignment middle_middle

Here is a screenshot of HTC Home displayed in the middle of your screen:

For other positions, you can use the following options:

  • alignment top_left 
  • alignment top_middle 
  • alignment middle_right 
  • alignment middle_left 
  • alignment bottom_right 
  • alignment bottom_left 
  • alignment bottom_middle
To start the widget automatically after you login, open "Startup Applications" and add these details:

Name: Conky HTC Home 
Command: /home/username/.Conky/htc_home/start_conky.sh

Replace username with your own account username.

Conky HTC Home Homepage

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