In this tutorial, we will help you install an amazing conky theme named Emays that will beautify your desktop. This desklet will display time, date, and some system information. Here is a screenshot of it:

If you haven't already installed Conky on your system, then run this command:

sudo apt-get install conky-all

Emays Conky Installation

Open the terminal and run these commands:

mkdir -p ~/.emays && cd ~/.emays 

wget http://goo.gl/mw4rF -O emays_conky.zip

unzip -q ema*.zip

Install now fonts with this command:

mkdir -p ~/.fonts

cp ~/.emays/Emays/Fonts/* ~/.fonts

To start Emays Conky, run this command:

conky -c ~/.emays/Emays/Conkyrc/conkyrc


To change the position of the desklet on your desktop, edit this file:

gedit ~/.emays/Emays/Conkyrc/conkyrc 

Change now this line:

alignment top_left

To any of these options:

  • alignment top_right
  • alignment bottom_left
  • alignment bottom_right
Save your file and exit.

Emays Conky Removal

Via the terminal, run these commands:

rm -rf ~/.emays

rm -rf ~/.fonts/AMAZB*.TTF

rm -rf ~/.fonts/Janda*.ttf

Credits for this conky theme go here.

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