If you want to dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 (Prtecise Pangolin) with Windows 7 (64-bit) using Wubi, this latter will automatically download the amd64 version of Ubuntu. In this tutorial, we will help you force Wubi to download the i386/32-bit version of Ubuntu using simple instructions.

Getting Started

You can download Wubi installer from here. Open the folder containing the EXE file of Wubi, right-click it and select "Create shortcut":

Right-click now the Wubi shortcut and Select Properties:

Under the Shortcut tab, modify the target to be like this:

"path/to/wubi.exe" --32bit

Click OK to confirm the new changes. Double click now the Wubi shortcut and enter Ubuntu installation details, then click Install. Wubi will now be forced to download the 32-bit version of Ubuntu:

That's it!

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