If after enabling the LightDM display manager under Linux Mint 13 your system fails to start and you are unable to login, you can follow this tutorial which will show you a solution for fixing your system without the need to re-install Linux Mint 13. We will help you restore MDM as your default display manager so that you can login again to your session.

Getting Started

1. Boot your system using the Linux Mint 13 live CD/USB and select "Start Linux Mint" from the boot screen:

2. Wait now until your system is fully loaded, then open the start menu and open the Terminal:

3. Let's now identify the hard disk your system is installed on with this command:

 sudo fdisk -l

For my system, Linux Mint is installed in /dev/sda1

4. Run now this sequence of commands to mount your hard disk so that you have read/write permissions on your system files:

sudo mkdir -p /media/mint

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/mint

sudo mount --bind /dev /media/mint/dev

sudo mount --bind /proc /media/mint/proc

sudo mount --bind /sys /media/mint/sys

sudo chroot /media/mint

5. To switch back to the MDM display manager, run this command:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure mdm

6. Select "mdm" and press Enter:

7. Remove now Live CD/USB of Linux Mint 13 and reboot your system. The MDM display manager will now show up again:

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