In this tutorial we will see how to use Ubuntu Software Center to delete old unused Linux kernels from your system under Ubuntu 12.10/12.04. We have previously covered a similar topic, but done with the terminal, you can check it here.

Removing unused Linux kernels will help you get more disk space and a cleaner Grub boot menu, but keep in mind that sometimes we need to use an old kernel in case the currently used one is damaged. So, if you have more than two unused kernels, then this tutorial is for you, otherwise, if you have just one old kernel, then it is recommended that you keep it.

Getting Started

To not mistakenly delete your current used kernel, open the terminal and check it with this command:

uname -r

The output returned for my system is the following:

~$ uname -r

The kernel name that shows up for you must not be deleted, so be warned!

Open now Ubuntu Software Center, you can also open it with this command from the terminal:


Search "linux-image" without quotes in the provided search box. If nothing appears, click simply "Show XX technical items" displayed at the bottom of the window (status bar):

Locate now the unused Linux kernel and delete it using the "Remove" button (root password required to complete this operation):

After you finish deleting extra kernels from your system, you need to update GRUB with this command:

sudo update-grub

From now on, unused kernels will not show up in the Grub boot menu.

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