Google has recently made available the stable version of Chrome 21 which comes with more new features and improvements especially for developers and gamers. Here are some of the features that you will find in this latest release:

  • getUserMedia JavaScript API Support (allows applications to access your webcam/microphone without using additional plugins)
  • HTML 5 getUserMedia API Support
  • Better Integration with Google Cloud Print 
  • Better support for Gamepad Javascript API 
You can have more information in this video:

If you want to install Google Chrome 21 in Ubuntu 12.10/12.04/11.10 or Linux Mint 13 or older, you can either download the appropriate Debian package from here and install it with Ubuntu Software Center, or install the web browser via your terminal as follows:

32-bit/i386 systems:

cd /tmp && wget -O google-chrome_i386.deb http://goo.gl/itppy

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome*.deb

64-bit/amd64 systems:

cd /tmp && wget -O google-chrome_amd64.deb http://goo.gl/iXDWk

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome*.deb

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