The GNOME Project has recently released the first Beta version (GNOME 3.5.90) of the upcoming GNOME 3.6 desktop environment that brings more new features that will be added to the final release. The team will try to enhance these new features and will give great importance to fixing bugs from now until the release of the stable version of Gnome 3.6. Here are some of the features in this beta version:

  • A redesigned panel for mouse and touchpad
  • New mode-less overview
  • More Configuration options for the Magnifier tool
  • Enhancements for the Adwaita theme
  • Rdesigned message tray, etc.
You should know that this is a beta release that is still under development intended only for testing purposes and not to be installed on production computers. Also, the next beta release (GNOME 3.6 Beta 2) will be available on September 5th, 2012. Here are some screenshots for GNOME 3.6 taken from here:

You can download GNOME 3.5.90 from here. For more information, click here.

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