Archey is a tool written in Python that allows users to preview system information along with your Linux distribution logo on the terminal. In this tutorial we will help you install it on Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian.

Archey Installation

Let's firstly install some dependencies with this command:

 sudo apt-get install scrot lsb-release 

Install now Archey with these commands:

cd /tmp
wget -O archey-0.2.8.deb http://goo.gl/a9ku4
sudo dpkg -i archey-0.2.8.deb

Start now Archey with this command:


For Ubuntu, you will get this:

For Linux Mint:

If you want to start Archey automatically once you launch the terminal, then do the following:

- Edit .bashrc with this command:

sudo gedit ~/.bashrc

For Linux Mint:

sudo pluma ~/.bashrc

- At the end of the file, add these two lines:

# Archey

- Save your file and exit, then open a new terminal window to test Archey.

Archey Home Page

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