In this tutorial, we will see how to change the Ubuntu logo displayed at the top of the Unity launcher, the button that brings up the Dash interface. You can replace this button with any image provided that it has the PNG extension and doesn't exceed this size: 48 x 48.

Getting Started

Make a backup copy of your default Ubuntu logo with this command:

sudo cp /usr/share/unity/5/launcher_bfb.png /usr/share/unity/5/launcher_bfb.png.back

To change the Ubuntu log displayed on the Unity launcher, cd to the folder containing the image and run this command:

sudo cp image.png /usr/share/unity/5/launcher_bfb.png

Replace image.png with your own image name (include full path if you are not in the current image directory). It is recommended to use an image with size of 48x48. You can find here many icons to use on this tutorial. After copying your image, reset Unity with this command for the image to appear:

setsid unity

To restore the default Ubuntu logo, run these commands:

sudo cp /usr/share/unity/5/launcher_bfb.png.back /usr/share/unity/5/launcher_bfb.png

setsid unity


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