Linux Kernel 3.4.1 has been released in its stable version, which is the first update after the release of Kernel 3.4.0. Here are some of the new changes and features in this latest release:

  • Hexagon architecture support
  • Reduction of TCP Proportional Rate
  • Automatic Backup of Tree Roots
  • Improved X32 ABI for 64-Bit
  • Improvements in Btrfs and fsck performance 
  • More bug fixes, etc.
For complete changes, you can go to this page. To make the installation of Linux Kernel 3.4.1 cleaner, I have created a small script that will download and install kernel packages automatically.

Linux Kernel 3.4.1 Installation

To install Kernel 3.4.1 on Ubuntu 12.04/11.10 (amd64  & i386 systems), open the terminal and run this sequence of commands:

cd /tmp && wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47950494/upubuntu.com/linux-kernel-3.4.1

chmod +x linux-kernel-3.4.1 && sudo ./linux-kernel-3.4.1

Before rebooting your system, you should know that drivers for your system devices (graphics cards, keyboard, wireless cards, etc.) will be lost. It's recommended to reinstall them before rebooting. This doesn't exclude that some unexpected troubles may arise. So, install at your own risk!

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