In this tip we will see how to adjust the default window size of the Gnome Terminal in Ubuntu 12.04/11.10. When opening the terminal from the Unity dash, a fixed window size is set. To change it, you can follow these instructions:

Method 1

- From the Unity dash, open Main Menu:

- Open the Accessories tab and select Terminal from items menu, then click Properties:

- In the Command field, add this parameter at the end (space separated):


Replace 100x34 with any size of your choice, then click Close:

Method 2

- Open the terminal and run this command:

nautilus ~/.local/share/applications/

- In the window that opens, right-click the "gnome-terminal.desktop" file and select Properties:

- In the command field, add this parameter:


Then click Close. Log out and log back in, then start the terminal from the Unity dash to see if the trick worked or not.

NOTE: This trick doesn't work when opening a new terminal window or calling the terminal with the CTRL+ALT+T keyboard shortcut keys.

Good luck!

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