In this brief tutorial we will see some tricks that you can do with your computer mouse along with some keyboard keys under the Gnome desktop environment. In Windows operating systems (Seven, Vista, etc.), when a user hold down the right-click button on a file or folder and drag it to another location, it will get this context menu:

This context menu will allow the user to either copy, move, or create a shortcut to the file/folder. This feature is not the same in Ubuntu. When holding down the right-click button on a file/folder and drag it, a standard context menu will pop-up instead. You can simply get the same result as in Windows by holding down the mouse MIDDLE button (scroll wheel button) and dragging the file or folder to any other location. The context menu displayed will be as follows:

You can also get the same behavior by holding down the ALT key and dragging the file or folder with your mouse LEFT click button.

To copy a file or folder under Gnome quickly without passing through the context menu, hold down the CTRL key and drag your file or folder yow want to copy to another empty spot.

I hope you find these tricks helpful!

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