In this tutorial we will see how to access files and folders stored in an Andorid-based device over WiFi using the SSHDroid app under Ubuntu 12.04/11.10. Once connected to your android phone, you will be able to edit, copy, move, and delete files and folders via the Nautilus file manager.

Getting Started

Search the market (Google Play) in your phone for the "SSHDroid" app and install it, or you can use this QR code:

After installing and launching SSHDroid, an address will be generated:

Under Ubuntu, browse any folder and click File > Connect to Server:

In the window that shows up, enter the following details and click Connect:

  • Server:  enter the address generated by your phone (sftp://root@, for example)
  • Port: 22
  • Type: SSH
  • Password: admin    --> You can change this default pass in the SSHDroid options window

You can also press CTRL+L in Nautilus to bring up the address bar and paste the address displayed on the screen of your Android phone to access your files (use "admin" as a password when prompted):

You can now start managing your Android files and folders via Nautilus:

I hope you find this brief tutorial helpful!

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