Turbo Shredder is a program written in Java that allows users to securely delete files under Ubuntu or any other system supporting the Java platform. When deleting files in the standard way, you should know that your data are still stored in your hard drive and can be easily recovered using data recovery software. To be secure, use Turbo Shredder to ensure that file deletion is permanent.

Data deleted with Turbo Shredder will be overwritten with zeros / ones / random data, with support of many robust deletion algorithms. To install Turbo Shredder on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04 or older, run the following commands from the terminal (the program executable file will be saved in the home directory):

wget -O TurboShredder_0.026.tar.gz http://goo.gl/c2RDk

tar -xzvf TurboShredder_0.026.tar.gz -C ~/

chmod +x TurboShredder.jar

You can start the program by running this command:

./TurboShredder.jar &

The home page for this program can be checked here.

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