A Beta version of WIndows 8 is released by Mirosoft recently. In this page we will help you test Windows 8 (Metro UI) inside Ubuntu (11.10/12.04 or older) or any Debian-based system. You can use VirtualBox to install Windows 8, but in this tutorial we will use KVM and Qemu virtualization tools. You can download Windows 8 Beta (Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO) from here, or use the terminal commands given below.

System Requirements

  • No less than 1 GHz CPU and 1Gb of RAM
  • OS Virtualization Support
  • 20Gb+ free disk space
Checking CPU

Check first your CPU with this command to find out whether it supports virtualization or not (will be highlighted in red):

egrep --color "(vmx|svm)" /proc/cpuinfo

vmx –>  (INTEL)
svm – > (AMD)

KVM and Qemu Installtion

Install now virtualization tools with this command:

sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm

Windows 8 Installation

If you prefer to download Windows 8 from the terminal, use this command for Ubuntu 32-bit (x86):

wget -O Windows8-32bit-English.iso http://goo.gl/ZMkNh

For Ubuntu 64-bit (x64):

wget -O Windows8-64bit-English.iso http://goo.gl/HPWea

Let's now create a virtual image for Windows 8 with this command:

qemu-img create windows8.img 25G

- windows8.img --> This is the image name, you can rename it to whatever you want.
- 25G --> This is the virtual image size in GB. Set any size of your choice, but not less than 20 GB.

Via the terminal, cd to the location of Windows 8 ISO file and start now the installation of Windows 8 with this command:

qemu-kvm -m 1024 -hda windows8.img -k en -cdrom Windows8-32bit-English.iso -boot order=cd &


kvm -m 1024 -cdrom Windows8-32bit-English.iso -hda windows8.img -boot d

windows8.img --> repalce it with your own virtual disk image name
-m 1024 --> memory size
-k en --> Keyboard language
Windows8-32bit-English.iso --> the ISO image for Windows 8

Here is the product key for this Beta version:

Product Key:   DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J

After completing the installation of Windows 8, you can start it with this command:

qemu-kvm -m 1024 -hda windows8.img -k en

To quit the window, press Ctrl+ALT.

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