In this tutorial we will see how to share files and folders between Windows 7 and vitrualized Ubuntu. That means Ubuntu is installed in VirtualBox under the Windows 7 operating system. The Windows 7 OS here is the host while Ubuntu is the guest.

This tutorial will be done using:

  • VirtualBox
  • Windows 7 ---> Installed on a physical machine
  • Ubuntu 11.10 ---> Installed using VirtualBox (also applicable on Ubuntu 12.04/11.04)
1. Configuring Windows 7

- Under Windows 7, open Network and Sharing Center and click "Change advanced sharing settings," then make sure that the "Password protected sharing" option is turned off:

- Make sure also in the same window that the "Network Discovery" option is well enabled, then save your changes.

- Start now VirtualBox, right-click on the Ubuntu virtual machine and select Settings:

- Open the Network tab and select "Attached to: Bridged Adapter," then click OK:

2. Configuring Ubuntu

- Start now Ubuntu using VirtualBox and right-click on the folder you want to share and select "Sharing Options":

- You will be prompted to install sharing packages (SAMBA), after installing them, your shared folders will begin to appear in both Windows 7 and Ubuntu:

Run also this additional command to set password for SAMBA (replace username with your own username):

sudo smbpasswd -a username

To check the status of file sharing under Ubuntu, run this command:

service smbd status

If enabled, you will get these outputs:

smbd start/running

If you receive this:

smbd stop/waiting

Then file sharing is disabled and can be enabled with the following command:

sudo service smbd start

Note: This tutorial may work with other virtualized Linux-based distributions (Debian, Linux Mint, etc.) provided that the  Bridged Adapter option is well selected.

That's it!

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