In this tip we will see how to free up more disk space in Ubuntu by deleting thumbnails stored automatically by your system in the ".thumbnails" hidden folder. These thumbnails are created automatically each time you open an image under Ubuntu (11.10/12.04 or older).

If you are running out of disk space and want to get more megabytes on your computer, then deleting the contents of this folder will be recommended. It has no effect on the stability of your system, delete these thumbnails with confidence.

To access this folder using the nautilus file manager, open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run this command:

nautilus ~/.thumbnails &

Then delete all contents inside that folder. If you wish to empty the ".thumbnails" directory from the terminal, you can use this command first to check the folder's size:

du -ah ~/.thumbnails/

If it needs to be deleted, then proceed with this command:

rm -r ~/.thumbnails/*

That's it!

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