If you are virtualizing Ubuntu under Windows 7/Vista/XP or any other OS using VirtualBox, you may notice, sometimes that the copy & paste feature between Windows and Ubuntu (Host and Guest) stops working unexpectedly. You should know that this error is common, especially after upgrading your Linux Kernel or upgrading Ubuntu using the Update Manager or this command:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If you upgrade Ubuntu, then the previous guest additions configuration will be lost and thus you will no longer be able to copy and paste from host to guest and vice versa. The solution is to reinstall VirtualBox Geust Additions by heading to Devices > Install Guest Additions:

Then follow setup instructions. When the installation is complete, reboot your system or just shut down the virtual machine running Ubuntu and start it again. You may also check if the "Shared Clipboard" option is enabled or not by doing this:

- Right-click on the virtual machine running Ubuntu and select Settings:

- Under General, open the Advanced tab and make sure "Shared Clipboard" is enabled:

 Note: To be able to copy & paste between guest and host and vice versa, "Shared Clipboard"  must be set to "Bidirectional"

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