AutoScan-Network is a cross-platform network scanner for discovering and managing your local or remote network connections. The application's main function is to list all connected machines in your network.

Here are some features for AutoScan-Network:

  • Fast  & Automatic Network Discovery
  • Multi-threaded Scanner
  • TCP/IP, Port,  and SNMP Scanner
  • VNC / Telnet / SSH Client 
  • Realtime Detection Of Connected Network Machines, etc.
For more features, check this page. In this guide we will help you install AutoScan-Network under Ubuntu 11.10 or any newer or older versions of Ubuntu.

AutoScan-Network Installation

Open the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and download and install the application with the following commands:

wget -O AutoScan-Network-Linux-1.50.bin.tar.gz http://goo.gl/3vNSY

tar -xzvf AutoScan-Network-Linux-1.50.bin.tar.gz && ./AutoScan-Network-Linux-1.50.sh

Then follow setup instructions:

When you finish, a window will pop up for guiding you to add a network. You can later start the application from the Unity Dash.

That's it!

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