BigDump is simply a PHP script that allows users to import large MySQL dumps, which supports phpMyAdmin and GZip compressed MySQL dumps. If you want to run this script under Ubuntu for importing your local MySQL databases, then this tutorial may be useful for you.

I will explain how to install BigDump under Ubuntu 11.10 or older with the LAMP web server installed. You can find here a tutorial explaining how to install the LAMP web server.

To download and install BigDump, run the following commands:

cd /tmp && wget -O

sudo unzip -d /var/www

sudo chmod a+rw /var/www

Edit now the bigdump.php file with this command:

sudo gedit /var/www/bigdump.php

Insert now your MySQL database settings under the Database configuration section:

After saving your file, open one of these links to start using BigDump:



That's it!