In this page we will see a useful command line tool called DiffProbe that allows users to test if their traffic is limited or not by your ISP. This wil make you decide to some extent if your ISP is serving you well or cheating you by shaping your traffic, which will result in low internet connection speed.

To install DiffProbe under Ubuntu or any other Debian-based system, open the terminal and run these commands (installation will be in the home directoy):

cd /tmp && wget -O shaperprobe.tgz http://goo.gl/DvfAy

tar xvf shaperprobe.tgz -C ~/ && cd ~/shaperprobe && make

To start the test, run this command:

cd ~/shaperprobe && ./prober

The test may take few minutes to finish. Here are outputs returned for my internet connection:

Shaper Detection Module.
Connected to server
Estimating capacity:
Upstream: 802 Kbps.
Downstream: 1495 Kbps.
Upstream: No shaper detected.
Median received rate: 784 Kbps.
Downstream: No shaper detected.
Median received rate: 1456 Kbps.

For more information about this project, check this page.

That's it!

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