Wifix is an installer for FLOSS Wireless drivers under a Linux -based system. It can detect your wireless card and install its appropriate driver provided that the driver is found in the programs's database.

While the project is still in Alpha, Wifix can detect and install many wireless drivers. To participate in support and development of this project, check this page. You can find here all currently supported wireless device drivers.

To install Wifix (0.3) Alpha under Ubuntu 11.10/11.04, open the terminal and run the following commands:

wget -O wifix-0.3.tar.gz http://goo.gl/m4ELt
tar -xzvf wifix-0.3.tar.gz -C ~/

You can then start Wifix with this command:

python ~/wifix-0.3/wifix.py

Then follow setup instructions.

That's it!

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