In this page we will see two useful tools that allow users from a GUI or text-based console to manage startup (bootup) services under the Ubuntu operating system. We will see how to install and run BUM and rcconf under Ubuntu for managing bootup services.

1. BUM (Boot-Up Manager)

BUM is a runlevel configuration tool with GUI that allows Ubuntu users to edit and configure init services that are started when the system is booting up or restarting. With this tool, you will be displayed with all running and disabled services in which you can turn them on/off. To install BUM under Ubuntu, run this command:

sudo apt-get install bum

You can then start Boot-Up Manager from the Unity Dash (11.10/11.04), or start it with this command from the terminal:


Wait now until the tool gathers information about your bootup services for your system.

2. Rcconf

Rcconf is another runlevel configuration tool tool having the same functionalities as BUM, but it can be run only via the terminal, no GUI. To install it under Ubuntu, run this command:

sudo  apt-get install rcconf

Start it now with this command:


Use your keyboard direction keys, Spacebar, TAB key to switch on/off startup services:

That's it!

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