In this page we will review three Android apps that allow users to manage a device running the Android OS, either a smartphone, tablet, etc. With these apps you will have access to your device data such as audio and video files, documents, system folder & files, web bookmarks, messages (sms & mms), contacts, etc.

As this blog is dedicated mainly to Ubuntu, you should know that these Android apps can run also on any other Linux or Windows OS provided that there is a a web browser installed like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.

1. AirDroid:

AirDroid is a free app that allows users via a web interface to control and manage an Android device wirelessly (over WiFi). Once installed on your phone, a web address and password will be generated for you to connect with to your device. Here is the main web interface for AirDroid after connecting it to my phone:

With AirDroid, you can manage your phone messages, apps, contacts, music files, photos, clipboard, etc. To install AirDroid on your phone, search it via the Market (check this link), or use the following QR code:

2. Remote Desktop:

Remote Desktop is an another app that allows users via WiFi to connect to their Android device using a web browser to retrieve their phone's docs, audios & videos, photos, files, apps, open remote terminal, manage bookmarks, etc.

You can install it from here or use this QR code:

3. DavDrive Lite

DavDrive is another app that allows to manage your Android device. It allows you to manage your Android device either via a web browser using the provided web address and password, or simply connect to your phone using the nautilus file manage as described below. The web interface for DavDrive is not that attractive compared to AirDroid and Remote Desktop:

You can install DavDrive Lite from here, or install using this QR code:

To manage your Android device via the nautilus file manager under Ubuntu, open any folder and go to File > Connect to Server:

Enter the server IP address generated by DavDrive in your Android device, enter port 8888, select WebDAV (HTTP) from the dropdown menu, enter given default user and password (user/davdrive), then hit Connect:

You can now start managing your Android contents via the nautilus file manager:

That's it!

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