Robombs is a 3D multiplayer LAN game that is inspired by the famous Bomberman game. In this page we will see how to install and run this game under Ubuntu. The game graphics is enhanced and can be tweaked in the option menu. You can find here all new features for this game.

Before we start, here is a  video showing gameplay for Robombs:

Robombs Installation

Note: As the game is portable, no installation needed, we will place its folder in the home directory as shown below. Also, you need Java installed in your system to be able to run the game.

To install Robombs under Ubuntu 11.04/11.10, open the terminal and run the following commands:

wget -O robombs.zip http://goo.gl/cKPpO
unzip robombs.zip -d ~/
chmod +x ~/robombs/Robombs.sh

To run the game, use this command:

cd ~/robombs && ./Robombs.sh

Or start it by double-clicking its executable file (Robombs.sh) in the installation folder.


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