Keepboard is a clipboard manager available for many OS platforms (multi-platform) that allows to save clipboard history of data (text, images, etc.) copied under Linux or Windows systems.

In this page we will see how to install Keepboard under Ubuntu 11.10/11.04. As this clipboard manager is built with Java, your system must have Jav 6 or later installed.

Keepboard Installation

As the application is portable, we will install it in the home directory with following commands:

mkdir ~/keepboard && cd ~/keepboard
wget -O Keepboard_Linux_3.1.zip http://goo.gl/5Ulda
unzip Keepboard_Linux_3.1.zip

You can later launch it with this command:


An icon of the application will be displayed in the system tray (top bar), right-click it and select "Activate Keepboard" to start managing your clipboard saved items:

That's it!

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