Gnormalize is a program that can take the following functions:

  • Audio Converter
  • Audio Encoder/Decoder
  • CD Player
  • Tag Editor
  • Audio Ripper

Gnormalize is a frontend for Normalize that allows to decode many audio file formats like mp3, mp4, ogg, etc. to wav, then this wav file is normalized to a targeted volume level and re-encoded. You can also use this program to extract audio tracks from audio discs and convert them into many other audio formats with good quality. Additionally, Gnormalize can be used to adjust audio file volume as well as the possibility to edit metadata properties of normalized audio files. For more features, check this link.

Gnormalize  Installation

To install gnormalize under Ubuntu 11.10/12.04, install first these dependencies:

sudo apt-get install normalize-audio lame vorbis-tools flac

Then install the program with the following commands:

wget -O gnormalize_0.53-1_all.deb http://goo.gl/wXBeM
sudo dpkg -i gnormalize_0.53-1_all.deb

That's it!

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