In this guide we will see how to use an Android based smartphone or tablet as a wireless touchpad or keyboard under Ubuntu. A wireless connection must be active to be able to use this tutorial. Also, you need to install Java 6 (OpenJDK) on Ubuntu to be able to run the application.  Here are the requirements:

  • Android Phone / Tablet
  • RemoteDroid App / Server
  • Ubuntu OS
1. RemoteDroid Server Installation

Under Ubuntu, open the terminal and run these commands to download and start the RemoteDroid Server:

wget RemoteDroidServer.zip http://goo.gl/3weiT
unzip RemoteDroidServer.zip
cd RemoteDroidServer
chmod +x RemoteDroidServer.jar
java -jar RemoteDroidServer.jar

You will be given your IP address. You will use it later on your Android phone or tablet:

2. Installing RemoteDroid On Android

Using your phone or tablet, search for RemoteDroid in Android Market, or install it directly from this link. Launch the application and submit the IP address you have gotten under Ubuntu and tap Connect:

You can now use your smartphone or tablet as a touchpad or keyboard wirelessly:

Here is a video demo of this application:

That's it!

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