In this guide we will help you render your Android powered phone as a modem under Ubuntu. This will help you share your phone's internet connection on Ubuntu, also known as tethering. Here are the requirements:

  • Android mobile phone with USB cable
  • Ubuntu OS 
  • EasyTether Lite App

1. EasyTether Installation

EasyTether can be installed on your phone from here, or just search it via the Android Market. Disconnect the USB cable from your phone, then launch EasyTether and follow setup instructions as follows:

- In the first screen, tap Yes, run it now:

- Tap now the Linux setup button:

- Next, tap Download to computer because we will show you later how to install EasyTether under Ubuntu:

- Tap Next:

- You will be asked to unplug the USB cable, just tap Next to move on as we have done this before:

- Tap again Next:

- You will be asked to enable the USB debugging option, tap Open Settings and enable it in Applications > Development:

- In this screen, connect the USB cable between your computer and phone:

- Tap Finsih to complete:

The setup wizard is now finished:

 2. Installing EasyTether in Ubuntu

Under Ubuntu open the terminal and run these commands to install EasyTether drivers:

wget -O easytether_i386.deb 
sudo dpkg -i easytether_i386.deb
For 64-bit systems, install it with these commands:

wget -O easytether_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i easytether_amd64.deb

To start sharing your phone's internet connection, run this command:

easytether connect

A network connection will be created automatically in your network manager, select it (Auto easytether0) to start using your phone's internet connection on Ubuntu:

That's it!