In this tutorial we will help you install and enable another icon theme for Gnome called Malys Uniblue. This icon theme looks nice under Unity or Gnome Shell using the malys-revolt2 theme which you can install on Ubuntu as described here. Here are the set of  icons used by Malys Uniblue:

Malys Uniblue Installation

Open the terminal and issue these commands:

cd /tmp && wget -O malys-uniblue.zip http://goo.gl/iiG8b

unzip malys-uniblue.zip

mkdir ~/.icons

cd malys-uniblue-icons && 
tar jxvf malys-uniblue.tar.bz2 -C ~/.icons

To enable this icon theme, use Gnome Tweak Tool, or run this command:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme 'malys-uniblue'

Here are some screenshots of this icon theme under Ubuntu Oneiric:


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