The inxi script is based on Debian that allows users to check system information such as your CPU & motherboard used, info about your distribution, desktop environment used, screen resolution, X.Org version, installed kernel version, HDD details, etc.

In this guide we will see how to install and use the inxi script under Ubuntu. So, we need first to install this dependency via the terminal:

sudo apt-get install gawk

To install inxi, run now these commands:

wget -nv techpatterns.com/inxi
chmod +x inxi
sudo mv inxi /usr/local/bin/

Here are some examples for the use of inxi:

- For basic system information, you can start with this command:

inxi -b

- For a complete system information, use this command:

inxi -F

- To get information about your distribution along with the desktop environment used, run this command:

inxi -S

- To check currently used  repositories by your distribution, issue this command:

inxi -r

- For more help about inxi, run this command:

inxi -h

To update to the latest version of inxi, run this command:

sudo inxi -U

That's it!

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