In this guide we will help you install BitDefender on Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot. BitDefender is an application that allows to scan your system for viruses. So far, there is no need to install antivirus software on Linux-based systems, but if you are a bit concerned about  the safety of your files, then you can follow these instructions to install BitDefender.

We have previously covered other antivirus software for Ubuntu, you can check them here:

- AVG Antivirus
- Avast Antivirus

BitDefender Installation (v7.6.4)

Open the terminal and issue these commands to install BitDefender on Ubuntu 11.10:

cd /tmp
wget -O BitDefender-Antivirus-Scanner.run http://goo.gl/j8GdI
chmod +x BitDefender-Antivirus-Scanner.run
sudo ./BitDefender-Antivirus-Scanner.run

You will be prompted to accept the user agreement. Type "accept" without quotes and press Enter. Then if you get this message:

Do you want to install BitDefender Antivirus Scanner GUI package ? (Y/n)

Type Y and press Enter.

You can then start BitDefender via the Unity Dash:

You need to do an update to get the latest antivirus database currently available:

That's it!

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