Man pages are help pages that give information about commands you run via the terminal. To have information, for example, about the "sudo" command, you can simply run this command via the terminal:

man sudo 

A help page will be displayed in the terminal for the "sudo" command. In this tip we will help you convert these man pages to PDF so that you can easily read and scroll them via your PDF reader under Ubuntu or any other Linux-based distribution.

If we want, for example, to convert the man page for the "sudo" command to PDF, run simply this command via the terminal:

man -t sudo | ps2pdf - sudo.pdf

Replace sudo with any command of your choice. The sudo.pdf file will be generated in the current terminal location. Here are some other examples:

man -t tee | ps2pdf - tee.pdf

man -t apt | ps2pdf - apt.pdf

That's it!

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