When we install an application from the Ubuntu Software Center, debian package, or Synaptic, then usually a shortcut to that application will be added to the Unity Dash automatically. However, in some cases these app shortcuts are not added to the Unity Dash and you are forced to start the application via the terminal or from its installation folder.

Also, some programs you install manually are not pre-configured to add a shortcut to the Unity Dash. Therefore, in this tutorial we will help you add applications to the Unity Dash, that means you can search and start them directly via the Dash.

Getting Started

1. Bring up the Unity Dash and open Main Menu:

2. Select any category that best relates to your application, then click New Item:

3. Enter now the following details:

- Name: Give the name of your application
- Command: Click the Browse button and open the executable file of your application. If you have installed the application with this syntax:

 sudo apt-get install application-name

 Then insert application-name in the command box in lower case.

- Click also the app icon to change it to whatever you want.

When done, click OK to create the shortcut.

4. You can now search and open the application from the Unity Dash using the name selected.

That's it!

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