Desura is a gaming service that offers Linux and Windows users the possibility to download and play games via a very simple and slick interface. Users have access to a list of games, most of them are not free, but you can play them as demos.

If you want to run games on a Linux distribution, then Desura will offer you this possibility. In this guide we will see how to install Desura on Ubuntu 11.10/11.04.

Desura Installation

Open the terminal and run these commands to download the Desura installation files for Ubuntu (32-bit):

wget -O desura-i686.tar.gz http://goo.gl/ZT4Qu
tar -xzvf desura-i686.tar.gz -C ~/

To start the installation of Desura, issue these commands:

cd ~/desura
chmod +x desura

Then wait until the installation is finished:

You can then start Desura via the Unity Dash or from its desktop shortcut. You must have a Desura account to be able to download and play games. For the 64-bit version of Ubuntu, you can install Desura with this sequence of commands:

wget -O desura-x86_64.tar.gz http://goo.gl/s02g2
tar -xzvf desura-x86_64.tar.gz -C ~/
cd ~/desura
chmod +x desura


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